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    Interieurbeslag.nlis d online winkel voor meubel-, keuken-, deur-, raam- en uiteraard interieurbeslag. Uw huis sfeervol afwerking, het interieur nog meer karakter geven of zakelijk betaalbare kwaliteitsproducten verwerken bij een renovatieproject; bijInterieurbeslag.nl vindt u beslag voor de keuken, woonkamer, gang, slaapkamer, bibliotheek of studeerkamer. We hebben zowel klassiek, landelijk, modern en industril interieurbeslag waarmee u ook voor uw interieur kunt slagen.

    It has been doubted, we think with insufficient reason, that Lucretius was acquainted at first hand with Empedocles.204 But, by whatever channel it reached him, the enthusiasm of Empedocles and the Eleates lives in his verse no less truly than the inspiration of Aeolian music in the song of his younger contemporary, Catullus. The atomic theory, with its wonderful revelations of invisible activity and unbroken continuity underlying the abrupt revolutions of phenomenal existence, had been the direct product of those earliest struggles towards a deeper vision into the mysteries of cosmic life; and so Lucretius was enabled through his grasp of the theory itself to recover the very spirit and passion from which it sprang.205It will have been observed that, so far, the merit of originating atomism has been attributed to Leucippus, instead of to the more celebrated Democritus, with whose name it is usually associated. The two were fast friends, and seem always to have worked together in perfect harmony. But Leucippus, although next to nothing is known of his life, was apparently the older man, and from him, so far as we can make out, emanated the great idea, which his brilliant coadjutor carried into every department of enquiry, and set forth in works which are a loss to literature as well as to science, for the poetic splendour of their style was not less remarkable than the encyclopaedic range of their contents. Democritus was born at Abdra, a Thracian city, 470 B.C., a year before Socrates, and lived to a very advanced agemore than a hundred, according to some accounts. However this may be, he was probably, like most of his great countrymen, possessed of immense vitality. His early manhood was spent in Eastern travel, and he was not a little proud of the numerous countries which he had visited, and the learned men with whom he had conversed. His time was mostly occupied in observing Nature, and in studying mathematics; the sages of Asia and Egypt may have acquainted him with many useful scientific facts, but we have seen that his philosophy was derived from purely Hellenic sources. A few fragments of his numerous writings still survivethe relics of an intellectual Ozymandias. In them are briefly shadowed forth the conceptions which Lucretius, or at least his modern36 English interpreters, have made familiar to all educated men and women. Everything is the result of mechanical causation. Infinite worlds are formed by the collision of infinite atoms falling for ever downward through infinite space. No place is left for supernatural agency; nor are the unaided operations of Nature disguised under Olympian appellations. Democritus goes even further than Epicurus in his rejection of the popular mythology. His system provides no interstellar refuge for abdicated gods. He attributed a kind of objective existence to the apparitions seen in sleep, and even a considerable influence for good or for evil, but denied that they were immortal. The old belief in a Divine Power had arisen from their activity and from meteorological phenomena of an alarming kind, but was destitute of any stronger foundation. For his own part, he looked on the fiery spherical atoms as a universal reason or soul of the world, without, however, assigning to them the distinct and commanding position occupied by a somewhat analogous principle in the system which we now proceed to examine, and with which our survey of early Greek thought will most fitly terminate.Grijze meubelknoppen

    Karakter en stijl

    Voor onze collectie hebben wij een grote selectie gemaakt van producten met karakter en stijl welke niet het massa gevoel hebben, maar wel voldoen aan de eisen van vandaag. Met onze collectie willen we u graag inspireren en een handvat geven om eem stijl goed door te kunnen voeren in elk interieur. Het assortiment bestaat uit onder andere binnendeurbeslag (zoals deurkrukken), voordeurbeslag, raamkrukken, raamsluiters, kapstokhaken, keuken-/meubelgrepen, keuken-/meubelknoppen en kapstokhaken.


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